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Our featured interviews bring to you people's stories and encouraging testimonies from all over the world.

Revelation TV (any times shown are UK times)


Gospel Gangstaz Interview

Revelation TV talks to the Gospel Gangstaz

Passover to Pentecost with Dr Hugh Osgood

Gordon Pettie interviews Dr Hugh Osgood about a short video series he has created looking at the people who met the Risen Christ. Dr Hugh has made the videos av ...

Dr Michael Youssef - Leading The Way

Exclusive Interview with Dr. Michael Youssef. "Leading The Way" is Now on revelation tv every Sunday morning at 9:30am

RTV Exclusive - Praying for Family in Ukraine

Emmanuel Chindove provides an Update on his family’s situation in Ukraine and asks for urgent prayer for the people in this Nation.

RTV Exclusive - Russia is Creating a Natural Disaster in Ukraine

Vadim is a Representative of David Hathaway´s Ministry in Kiev and provides an update from Ukraine and asks for Urgent Prayer whilst Russia are creating a Natu ...

Richard Dawkins Interview

Richard Dawkins does not believe in a God and defends his position that we evolved over millions or even billions of years, and that we definitely were not crea ...

Teaching Hebrew Online for Free

Join Cyrus as he interviews Co-Founder of "Aleph with Beth" as they talk about the Resource of Teaching Free Hebrew Online - www.FreeHebrew.online @AlephWithBet ...

Helping Churches Transform Neighbourhoods

Join Cyrus as he interviews the New UK National Leader for Nayba, Geoff Baxter OBE. Geoff shares the creative and practical ways to equip churches to work close ...

Mental Health with Meredith Foster | Renewing our Minds Through Christ

Meredith Foster is a Christian YouTube Influencer with over 1.7 million followers. She encourages other young people to renew their mind and trust in Jesus thro ...

Testimony from Atheist to Christian

Join Cyrus as he interviews Rev. Mark Flemming who shares about his Journey from being Atheist to Christian and is now being an important part of Sports Chaplai ...
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