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God Day - It is not about numbers

Sylvia shares how God can use just a few people to accomplish great things

God Day - Heroes of the Faith

Has God called you to something daunting? Do you feel as if you cannot complete the task He has sent you to do. Fear not! We have examples from the Bible to giv ...

God Day - Saviours Shall Come Out Of Zion

Yemi says, we were saved by grace on to good works The moment we get Born Again, we must be up and running, saving and delivering souls to the glory of God.

God Day - What kind of parent are you?

In this message, Yemi is showing us the difference between a hands on parent and an absentee parent. He equates absentee parenting to spiritual carelessness.

God Day - True Discipleship

Join Dave as he takes at look at the little known disciple Dorcas, who was she and what affect did she have on the lives on those around her?

God Day - Ways to Worship

In this God Day Nikki will asking the questions: What is Worship? Why do We Worship? Who do we Worship? How do we Worship? Before suggesting ways to Worship.

God Day - The God of Green Shoots

God is a God of green shoots. Kurt shows that God is a God of new beginnings!

God Day - The Winner's Attitude

Derek illustrates this winning attitude from 2Kings 13:14-25.

God Day - Stop and Smell the Roses

Sylvia says God wants us to focus on His creation instead of our problems.

God Day - The Power of Acceptance

Are we living in the fear of rejection or the joy of acceptance? Join Kurt as he shows how powerful it is to know that we are accepted by God and others.

God Day - Fear of Failure

The fear of failure has many different faces. It can cause you to be indecisive, a workaholic, and a perfectionist who clings to safety. Because we're afraid to ...

God Day - Why should we pray?

Sometimes we can grow lethargic in prayer. Sometimes we may not know what to pray. The Lord's prayer not only gives us a model prayer, it shows us why we should ...
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