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God Day - It is Time to Grow Up

Yemi here is using real life examples to explain how important it is to grow up in the things of the Spirit. If we refuse to grow, we will become spiritually st ...

God Day - Walking in Purpose and Power

When we encounter the Lord Jesus Christ we come to a sudden realisation that the Christian faith is more than just a religion. It's a walk of purpose and power.

God Day - How God meets our daily needs

In the Old Testament we read the story of the widows oil. An amazing account of God's miraculous provision. Rev. Dave Hodgson shares what we can learn about God ...

God Day - Expressions of who I am

With all the confusion in the world today we don't seem to know who we are, what our true relationship to God is, to other believers and unbelievers?

God Day - Goodness, Guidance & Grace

How can we have a personal revelation of God's goodness? Guidance that is personal, powerful and productive? Extend grace to ourselves and others? Join Kurt on ...

God Day - Your Character can ruin Your Destiny… And Others

Yemi is drawing our attention to the fact that we need to be mindful of our character, so we don't our destiny and others coming behind us. He implores us to al ...

God Day - How to Move in Kingdom Power

The Bible paints a picture of Christ's Church as a movement of power on the earth. In this talk, Pastor Paul will show you the Biblical principles for attaining ...

God Day - The Power of Humility

Genuine Humility is the path to a very strong relationship with God. You cannot attain the heights that God has ordained for you, without humbling yourself unde ...

God Day - Forgiveness

A devotional by Sylvia Balogun on forgiveness. Joseph, through the power of God was able to teach us how to forgive those who have hurt us.

God Day - Hope has a name Emanuel

Join Regan King as he guides through the beautiful promise fulfilled in Immanuel - God with us!

God Day - Knowing how to be together

Join Melanie as she talks about us trying to work out our lives with social distancing and limited interactions, and how we could lose our way!

God Day - Fragrance of Christ

Join Kurt as he asks the quesiotion, what kind of fragrance are we spreading as Christians? The Bible says that we diffuse the fragrance of Christ into the worl ...
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