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God Day - Store up Treasures in Heaven

How do we invest our time and money for heavenly harvest? Join Rev. Dave Hodgson as he shares God's word on God day.

God Day - Trusting in Transition

There are seasons of transition in our life which can be quite painful and uncomfortable but also exciting. Join Simone as she will seeing what the bible tells ...

God Day - What is your Mission

Do you know what your mission is? Today we will look at how to identify what God has chosen you for.

God Day - The Life and Power of God

When we get Born Again, we receive the Life and Power of God. This enables us to function by the power of the Holy Spirit. We need to top up regularly to be suc ...

God Day - You Have More Than You Can Imagine

Imagine if you had unlimited power to touch people's lives. Perhaps you do... If Jesus said greater things will you do than I have done, what is holding you bac ...

God Day - How Bright is our Light

Jesus says that we are the light of the world and not just the light of the church. Kurt explains the radical implications of this for us as believers.

God Day - Learning from the Life of Joseph

How was Joseph a 'type' of Christ? How did this dreamer prosper even though he suffered so much hardship? What can he teach us about fleeing from sin, humility, ...

God Day - God Loves a Cheerful Giver

The economy is struggling right now, in the natural it would feel right to hoard what we have. God calls us to be a wise steward of finances and be cheerful giv ...

God Day - No Wilderness, No Promotion

In order to succeed in our Christian walk, we must experience the wilderness. The wilderness toughens you for the job ahead. A higher level of anointing comes o ...

God Day - Fear of the Lord

Exploring the meaning behind the proverb the fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom.

God Day - God Remembers Me

Have you felt God has forgotten you when you're wondering through a deserted place in your life. Know God is with us even when we feel like we're in the desert ...

God Day - Learning from the Life of Jacob

Let's look at the key themes from the interesting life of Jacob, the deeply flawed man that God used.
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