The Late Show

The Late Show is a round up of significant breaking news which is relevant to Church Without Walls and sharing of Biblical teaching to edify the Body of Christ.

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The Late Show - What was the point of the Law and how relevant is it today

Join Mark and Jack Willats as they discuss the Law in both the Old and New Testaments and how is it relevant today. Live and Interactive for your comments and e ...

The Late Show - Debating Election and Predestination

We look at news, views, and happenings, both in the Christian world and the world at large. As the name implies it is all done late at night! Be ready to contri ...

The Late Show - The Great Cloud of Witnesses

Join Mark and Jack Willats as they discuss ‘The Great Cloud of Witnesses’. Hebrews 11 and 12 talk about the great cloud of witnesses that have gone before u ...

The Late Show - Eternity and What will Heaven be like

Join Dave and Simone as they will be looking into Eternity. What will Heaven be like? What will we do there? How can we be sure that we are going to Heaven?

The Late Show - Annex Jewish Settlements

Join Simon Barrett and high-profile guests as they discuss the decision by the Israeli government to annex Jewish Settlements in Judea and Samaria to the fury o ...

The Late Show - Philip Day

Join Mark Willats and special guest Philip Day on the Late show as they take your questions on health and biblical issues and Philip Day talks about his tour ca ...

The Late Show - The Body of Christ

Join Dave and Simone as they will be talking about being part of the Body of Christ? What does this look like? The programme is live and interactive, so join th ...

The Late Show - 75th Anniversary of VJ Day

Simon Barrett and Regan King discuss the 75th Anniversary of V-J Day and ask the difficult question: should have America dropped nuclear bombs on Japan to bring ...

The Late Show - Derek Walker

On the Late Show Mark Willats is joined by Derek Walker, Pastor of Oxford Bible Church author and Bible teacher. Live and interactive for your questions.

The Late Show - Knowing the Will of God

Join Dave and Simone as they will be talking about how to know the will of God for your life? How does God communicate it and how we hear it. Do we put too much ...

The Late Show - 80th Anniversary of the Battle of Britain

Join Simon Barrett and Pastor Regan King as they mark the 80th Anniversary of the Battle of Britain, where in the summer of 1940 the RAF took on the German Luft ...
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