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Bible Study - Philippians - C3 V1 to V11

We discuss the dangers of legalism and why it is an evil counterfeit of the true gospel. Christ alone and His righteousness is the only sure foundation for our ...

Bible Study - Philippians - C2 V17 to V30

Paul gives us 3 biographical illustrations of what it means to have the attitude of Christ, in His submission to God and thinking of others and serving them by ...

Bible Study - Philippians - C2 V5 to V16

We see how the classic passage of Christ's humility (v5-11) is not just given to us as our example, but describes his loving pursuit of us, bringing about our s ...

Bible Study - Philippians - C2 V5 to V11 - Part 2

We see how in John 13, Jesus acted out the whole drama of salvation, from beginning to end, revealing His humility, and that His motivation for humbling Himself ...

Bible Study - Philippians - C2 V5 to V11 - Part 1

In order to inspire the Philippians to have an attitude of humility before God, serving others and putting their needs and interests before our own, Paul gives ...

Bible Study - Philippians - C1 V27 to C2 V11

Having emphasised the need for unity in the Church, in Philippians 2:1-4 Paul urges them to use the divine resources at their disposal to strengthen their unity ...

Bible Study - Philippians - C1 V21 to V30

As Philippi was a colony of Rome, so Paul reminded the Church at Philippi, that they were a colony of Heaven on earth

Bible Study - Philippians - C1 V12 to V26

Paul shares from his experience in Rome, of how God has used him to advance the gospel there, even though he had been in chains for almost 2 years

Bible Study - Philippians - C1 V9 to V11

God wants our love to abound still more and more in knowledge and all discernment, that we may approve the things that are excellent

Bible Study - Philippians - C1 V3 to V11

We make a detailed verse by verse study of Paul's inspired prayer for the Philippians, discussing our fellowship in the Gospel, and how God's grace enables us ...

Bible Study - Philippians c1 v3 to v10

After seeing how the Gospel is the fulfilment of the Year of Jubilee, we look at the dramatic story of how Paul planted the Church at Philippi during his 2nd Mi ...

Bible Study - Philippians c1 v1 to v5

What does it mean to be a saint? What does it mean to be in Christ? What is the grace of God, and what fruit does it produce in our life?
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