23 Jan 2023
Take a walk through Romans Chapter 8 with Dr Sarah Tun, to discover the depth and breadth of Paul's sermon.


God Day - Waiting for the End of it All

Join Pastor Regan King from the Angel Church, as he reminds us of God's call for us to be people of holiness while we await the return of the Lord in glory.

God Day - What is Grace

Sarah Tun defines and highlights the importance of grace in our walk with Jesus. What IS grace? And how is GOD's grace proven sufficient for our walk with Him?

God Day - The House of God

Since the fall God has offered an opportunity for fallen man to enter his presence. To enter the presence of a Holy God there cannot be sin, there cannot be sel ...

God Day - God's Hall of Fame

After saying: the just shall live by faith (Hebrews 10:38), in Hebrews 11, Paul describes what it means to live by faith by giving illustrations from the lives ...

God Day - A Short Man with a Big Heart

Join Paul Lyndon Burtwell as he shares the story of Zacchaeus, a story that shows Jesus' transformative power. A wealthy tax collector and outcast, Zacchaeus ch ...

God Day - Learn your calling

Dr Sarah Tun encourages us all to discover and value our Calling. We each have a purpose in Christ. Sarah shares her testimony, discussing how she dug hard and ...

God Day - God the Son

Join Derek on this God Day. God became a Man in the Person of Jesus Christ. He is God, the Son, and the Son of God. Jesus is the central Person in the Bible, ou ...

God Day - What kind of War are you Fighting

Join Melanie as she discusses the way life has so many seasons each filled with challenges, mountains to climb and valleys to negotiate alongside life events to ...

God Day - Unblocking our Lives for Abundance

Join Kurt on this God Day. Just as we unblock our drains, we have the wonderful opportunity to 'unblock' anything in our lives that is preventing God's abundant ...

God Day - Romans 8

Take a walk through Romans Chapter 8 with Dr Sarah Tun, to discover the depth and breadth of Paul's sermon.

God Day - Let's take a Pride Test

Many times, we are unaware that we might have a problem with pride. Let's take a pride test today. Join Sylvia on this God Day.

God Day - Faith and Righteousness

The first five chapters of Paul's epistle to the Roman Church are distinguished by one towering theme: Justification (or Righteousness) by Faith.
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