06 Jul 2022
Join us for a round up significant breaking news, which is relevant to Church Without Walls and sharing of Biblical teaching to edify the Body of Christ. Live and Interactive


The Late Show - How you can Help Stop Modern Slavery

Sadly, modern slavery still exists around the world and takes many forms including forced labour, child exploitation and sex trafficking. Join Howard and Nikki ...

The Late Show - What does a REAL Christian Church look like?

What does a REAL Christian Church look like? It seems a contradiction in terms to ask such a question. Join Gordon Pettie, Tim Vince and Jeremy Park as they dis ...

The Late Show - Should Christians be in Politics? (Updated Version)

In 1 Timothy 2:1 - 4 Paul encourages us to pray for our leaders: ‘I urge, then, first of all, that petitions, prayers, intercession and thanksgiving be made f ...

The Late Show - Climate Change - Truth or Myth

As World leaders meet together in Egypt at The UN Climate Change Conference, known as COP27, Howard and Nikki will be discussing climate change and asking the q ...

The Late Show - US Midterm Elections

In the wake of the US Mid Term Elections, we will discuss the early results on which Party will have the control of the House of Representatives and possible co ...

The Late Show - Prophets - Speakers of God’s Word

Join Howard and Nikki as they look at the responsibility of being chosen as a Prophet and what we can learn from their lives. Live and Interactive.

The Late Show - World Events in Light of End Time Prophecies - Part 2

Join Howard and Nikki as they continue the discussion of what the signs of the times are in relation to Biblical prophecies and current World events. Live and I ...

The Late Show - World Events in Light of End Time Prophecies

Join Howard and Nikki on The Late Show as they question how current political world events and technological developments may pertain to End Time prophecies.

The Late Show - Black History month

As Black History month comes to an end, Gordon and Tim will be discussing racism in today's show. There will be an interview with Dr Clifford Hill and with them ...

The Late Show - Dealing with Depression

Join Howard and Nikki, as they give an insight and understanding into depression, share uplifting and encouraging Scriptures, as well as suggesting practical wa ...

The Late Show - Exposing Scammers Online - Youtube Investigator

Join Howard and Nikki on The Late Show, as they interview Jim Browning, a Scam Baiter on YouTube - who finds, investigates and publicly exposes scammers.

The Late Show - The growth of the Christian Church in Iran

Join Gordon Pettie and Tim Vince as they discuss the growth of the Christian church in Iran in the midst of riots and protests. Live and Interactive.
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