God Day - The Loneliness Disease

11 May 2022
Sarah Tun explores the causes, symptoms and remedy for the unofficial Number 1 disease in society today.


God Day

How close do you allow God to get? Sarah Tun asks what it means to be intimate with God, addresses the costs and the benefits.

God Day - Hugh Jackman 29 - The Gift of Peace

Join Dr Hugh Jackman as he unpacks some thoughts about walking with the Gift of Peace and how does this change our mentality, and our reality? The Big question ...

God Day

The Spirit of Faith is described in 2 Corinthians 4:13: 'we (1) believe and therefore (2) speak.' Pastor Derek Walker shares about (1) believing God's Word with ...

God Day - Ready for Breakthrough

A breakthrough is a moment in time where suddenly the impossible becomes possible. You see your circumstances in a new way and everything changes. Are you ready ...

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Our Words have power. The Bible has a lot to say about how we should use our words and be careful with the way that we speak. In this God Day, Nikki urges us to ...

God Day - Are You Gods General

Yemi is saying, if you are God's General, there are certain things you need to know about your role as a General, so you do not end in failure. Things you need ...

God Day - What are the Keys to Prosperity and Success

How many of us build our lives on Sand and expect to see success and prosperity. God's word to Joshua holds great wisdom, if we can only do it!

God Day - The Loneliness Disease

Sarah Tun explores the causes, symptoms and remedy for the unofficial Number 1 disease in society today.

God Day - The Mount Everest of Prophecy

This majestic prophecy from 700 BC reveals the perfect saving work of the suffering Messiah in dying for our sins and rising again. Join Pastor Derek Walker on ...

God Day - The Beautiful Spirit of Grace

Join Dr Hugh Jackman (Spirit and Life Ministries). You cannot receive the Holy Spirit if you believe you are unworthy. The Holy Spirit only inhabits vessels who ...

God Day - Hosanna

Join Regan King as he takes us behind the scenes of Christ's triumphant entry into Jerusalem the week of his crucifixion, exploring the prophetic pictures and p ...

God Day - Eternity

God has prepared a wonderful eternity for all those who receive His salvation in Christ. We see what the final chapters of the Bible reveal about our everlastin ...
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