12 Oct 2021
Derek Walker shares from the 3 classic passages on the Rapture of the Church (John 4, 1Thessalonians 4, 1Corinthians 15), showing how it will take place in 2 phases, heralded by 2 trumpet blasts.


God Day - Are you facing the Lion's Den?

Join Nikki on this God Day as she looks through the book of Daniel to see what we can learn from his boldness, courage and dedication to keep his faith in God a ...

God Day - It is working for your good

Sometimes bad things happen in the life of a Christian, but it isn't always negative! Join Hugh Alexander Jackman (Spirit and Life) as he explores today's messa ...

God Day - Training or Trying

Join Kurt as he asks the question, are we training or trying to be like Jesus? Spiritual transformation is not a matter of trying harder but of training wisely.

God Day - Passover

Join Regan King as he shows how Christ is our Passover lamb and how the Passover points to the hope we have of salvation.

God Day - The Role of The Father and The Husband in the Home

Yemi uses the scripture to explain what the role of the father and husband should be in the home, and how they should run a Godly home.

God Day - The Beatitudes

The Lord Jesus started His Sermon on the Mount with the 8 Beatitudes (Matthew 5:1-12), signalling their foundational importance in the Kingdom of God.

God Day - Is your Worship Acceptable to God

Join Regan King as we explore whether or not it matters how we worship God as long as we worship Him. What makes our worship acceptable to God?

God Day - What is Love

Join Rev. Dave on this God Day. Everybody knows that God is Love. The Bible teaches us to love, and that Christians are supposed to be known by our love. But wh ...

God Day - Supermarket Christianity

Join Kurt as he talks about the times of being a Christian can be like walking down the aisles of an American supermarket. Lots to fill up on but not much to fe ...

God Day - God´s Divine Providence

Join Sylvia as she talks about God's providence in the life of Ruth as He guides her footsteps into her miracle.

God Day - Wake up and Trust God

Today, Hugh Jackman (Spirit and Life Ministries) echoes a thought from the heart of God, designed to stir up our trust in God.

God Day - Psalm 2 and 110

Psalms 2 and 110. Both these Psalms reveal the spiritual warfare that is taking place in the time between Christ's Resurrection and Ascension and His Second Com ...
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