God Day - Are You A Microwave Christian

30 Jul 2021
Yemi in this message is asking if you are a microwave Christian, or you are in it for the long haul?


God Day - No Wilderness, No Promotion

In order to succeed in our Christian walk, we must experience the wilderness. The wilderness toughens you for the job ahead. A higher level of anointing comes o ...

God Day - Finding Hope

There seems to be severe shortage of hope in our world right now. How does Jesus deal with a troubled heart? Is it ok to not feel ok sometimes? How can Hearts f ...

God Day - Change of Heart

Join Sylvia as she shares how God can turn your life around in an instant and asks what will it take before you have a change of heart?

God Day - Who is God the Father

In this God Day Nikki will be using scriptures to help us get to know God and understand and love him as a Father.

God Day - You Have More Than You Can Imagine

Imagine if you had unlimited power to touch people's lives. Perhaps you do... If Jesus said greater things will you do than I have done, what is holding you bac ...

God Day - From Fear to Encouragement

Kurt shows us how we can move from fear to encouragement, in order to live our best lives even in the worst of times.

God Day - What Are You Hungry For

In days of distraction, seduction, unsettled hearts and lives, is what you are hungry for satisfying you? Based on psalm 42. 'As the deer pants for the water so ...

God Day - No Regrets

God chooses not to remember our sins anymore, yet quite often we can wallow in our regrets and let them dictate to us our future. How did Peter deal with his re ...

God Day - God Remembers Me

Have you felt God has forgotten you when you're wondering through a deserted place in your life. Know God is with us even when we feel like we're in the desert ...

God Day - Catch the Fire

Elijah was like any other Christian, but he had fire in his belly. Here Yemi is revealing how we too can catch the fire of the Holy Spirit.

God Day - Esther 5

Esther 5 shows us that when facing a challenging situation what we often find is that God goes ahead of us and prepares the way.

God Day - How the Lord guides us

Join Simone Kennedy-Harding as she shares how does the Lord guide us. Looking at Psalm 23 and everyday life illustrations to see the different ways God leads Us ...
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