God Day - What kind of Leader are you

04 Jun 2021
Yemi is teaching on what it means to be a Godly leader. Are you a true leader who helps others to fulfil destiny, or you are a user?


God Day - Are You A Microwave Christian

Yemi in this message is asking if you are a microwave Christian, or you are in it for the long haul?

God Day - Self Accept and Reflect God's Image

We are living a selfie culture world, where we rely on likes, followers and nice comments to make us feel good and fulfilled. But we should be looking to God fo ...

God Day - Good Works

This message by Barry Segal delivers an understanding of why 'Good Works' are a form of worship unto the Lord

God Day - The Overflowing Life

God has created and designed us to live an overflowing life. As David said in Psalm 23, 'my cup overflows'. What about you, how�s your 'cup', are you living a ...

God Day - Power, Passion and Purpose

Do you need a little Zap, a little Zest and a whole lot of power to even come close to living a life the disciples of Jesus lived in the first Century?

God Day - Are you Adding Value to People’s Lives

Yemi explains here that the Lord has deposited some special gifts in you, to be used in adding value, wherever you find yourself. He shares wonderful examples f ...

God Day - The Power of Prayer

'He exalts above all things His Name and His Word'. When Jesus spoke, people were healed. When Jesus spoke people were fed. When Jesus spoke, the storm was calm ...

God Day - The Power to Break Every Chain

In this God Day Nikki is going to take you through 5 steps which, along with God's guidance, will help you start to break any sin cycles you feel stuck in and b ...

God Day - Overcoming the fear of failure

The Bible says that 'the righteous person falls seven times and rises again'. In this devotion Kurt shows us that we do not have to fear failure, or be defined ...

God Day - How to Live a Holy Life (Romans 12)

Living a Holy Life seems harder than ever in a world that no longer espouses Christian values. That is why In Romans 12, Paul gives some practical advice on how ...

God Day - How is your Relationship with God?

Yemi teaches that the level of your relationship with God, determines how successful your Christian walk will be. He says, Trust in the Lord

God Day - No Prayer, No Power

Do your prayers need an MOT? Ellie is diving deep into scripture to identify how we can pray more effectively and receive His power through prayer.
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