God Day - The Power of Acceptance

22 Apr 2021
Are we living in the fear of rejection or the joy of acceptance? Join Kurt as he shows how powerful it is to know that we are accepted by God and others.


God Day - Why do we make so much of Gods word

Why do we make so much of God's Word? Regan King (Pastor, The Angel Church) points to the excellent, enlightening, enlivening, and effective power of God's Word ...

God Day - What is your Motive for Serving God?

Yemi talks about having a pure motive for serving God and not stealing God's glory

God Day - Come as you are

Join Simone on this God Day as she talks about God clearing and sorting things in our life. Not always an easy process but with God all things are possible.

God Day - Jesus is the Way

In John 13 and 14, we pull up close to intimate conversations between God and his children, revealed by the exchanges between Jesus and his disciples

God Day - Where is your Hope?

In this God Day Nikki is going to take a look at what the Bible says about hope and why we should be putting our hope in Jesus.

God Day - Consider it all Joy

Regan King (Pastor, The Angel Church) calls us to assess the worth of our trials, ask for wisdom in our trials, and arrive at worship in and through our trials.

God Day - What kind of Leader are you

Yemi is teaching on what it means to be a Godly leader. Are you a true leader who helps others to fulfil destiny, or you are a user?

God Day - What do you do when the road ends?

Join Kurt as he talks about how we can trust God when there are no roads and no maps to follow?

God Day - What Are You Waiting For?

What are you waiting for? And what do we do while we wait? These are the questions Nikki will be asking in this God Day as she looks into trusting in God for hi ...

God Day - Why we are in the mess we are in

Why are we in the mess we are in and how can we escape it? Regan King (Pastor, The Angel Church) points us to 2 Peter and how we escape the corruption in this w ...

God Day - The Privilege of the Service of God

Ian, by looking at First Timothy chapter one, examines the Apostle Paul's experience and why he considered God's work to be a privilege and a joy.

God Day - Knowing how to be together

Join Melanie as she talks about us trying to work out our lives with social distancing and limited interactions, and how we could lose our way!
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