God Day - Are You A Virgin?

06 Apr 2021
Yemi Balogun asks if you are living a life of purity, which is pleasing to the Lord? God expects us to offer our bodies as a living sacrifice, pleasing unto Him.


God Day - The Power of Acceptance

Are we living in the fear of rejection or the joy of acceptance? Join Kurt as he shows how powerful it is to know that we are accepted by God and others.

God Day - Fear of Failure

The fear of failure has many different faces. It can cause you to be indecisive, a workaholic, and a perfectionist who clings to safety. Because we're afraid to ...

God Day - Why should we pray?

Sometimes we can grow lethargic in prayer. Sometimes we may not know what to pray. The Lord's prayer not only gives us a model prayer, it shows us why we should ...

God Day - The Blame Game

Have you ever struggled to take responsibility for your own actions and choices? Is there someone else or a situation that 'made' you do it, made you respond th ...

God Day - The March of Faith

In response to Elisha's prophecy, 4 lepers rose up and marched at twilight to the enemy camp and God's army marched with them, resulting in the end of the siege ...

God Day - James 4:13-17 What is your life?

Regan King (Pastor, The Angel Church) walks us through the accents of life and the danger when these accents become primary affections

God Day - Clearing the Clutter

Join Simone on God Day as she shares how God makes every crooked path straight and helps us clear through all the stuff in our lives

God Day - Waiting for The One

The Bible tells us not to be unequally yoked with unbelievers - in this God Day Nikki takes a look at what this means in the sense of relationships and marriage

God Day - How we Grow in Biblical Patience

Galatians 5:19-21 describes the fruitless existence of the flesh or sinful nature. The verses that follow in Galatians 5 describe the fruitful and productive wo ...

God Day - Psalm 133: Refreshing unity

Using the picturesque language of Psalm 133, Regan King (Pastor, The Angel Church) reminds of the visibility, value, and validation of unity in the body of Chri ...

God Day - Watch out for Your Words

Join Sylvia as the talks about watching our words and how the tongue has the power of life and death.

God Day - Gods Flat Pack

Join Simone on God Day as she looks at how God has a plan and design for our life.
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