22 Jan 2021
A devotional by Sylvia Balogun on forgiveness. Joseph, through the power of God was able to teach us how to forgive those who have hurt us.


God Day - Living a Life of Amazing Grace

Why are we so hard on ourselves and on one another? Could it be that we are not living a life of amazing grace? Kurt shows us how we can receive, enjoy and live ...

God Day - How God Provides for us

Come and join Simone on today's God Day and share how God has already thought ahead and made provision for Us, especially during hard times

God Day - God's Plan

Nikki has always stood on Jeremiah 29:11 and has seen this come to fruition, so she shares her testimony on how God has revealed his plan for her life.

God Day - The Life and Power of God

When we get Born Again, we receive the Life and Power of God. This enables us to function by the power of the Holy Spirit. We need to top up regularly to be suc ...

God Day - Reflections on perseverance

Mark looks at suffering and endurance. Suffering is normal in the life of a Christian and we see this in the lives of saints in both the Old and New Testament.

God Day - Learning from the life of Noah

Jack looks at a hero of the faith - Noah - and what we can learn from his life. What has Noah got to do with rest, grace and obedience?

God Day - Moving on to Spiritual Maturity

All Christians, if they are to be useful to God, need to move from being a spiritual babe in Christ, through spiritual adolescence and onto spiritual maturity

God Day - Fighting Temptation

Temptation is something we all face, Jesus was tempted in the desert - but he didn't give in. Daily we can have moral battles in our head but there are practica ...

God Day - How Are Your Roots

Just as plants and trees rely on a strong root system to keep them alive and healthy, so too as believers in Christ, we need the strength of a good root system ...

God Day - Its Messy in the Middle

What do we do when we feel like we are neither here nor there in our lives? When we don't know all the answers and don't feel like we've arrived at the promise?

God Day - Preparing for Joy

Who and what you are preparing your life for makes all the difference. Kurt shows you how you can double your joy!

God Day - Finding Hope

There seems to be severe shortage of hope in our world right now. How does Jesus deal with a troubled heart? Is it ok to not feel ok sometimes? How can Hearts f ...
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