God Day - What is your Mission

01 Dec 2020
Do you know what your mission is? Today we will look at how to identify what God has chosen you for.


God Day - Forgiveness

A devotional by Sylvia Balogun on forgiveness. Joseph, through the power of God was able to teach us how to forgive those who have hurt us.

God Day - Following God's Plan

Esther 5 shows us that when facing a challenging situation what we often find is that God goes ahead of us and prepares the way.

God Day - Walking in Newness of Life

Someone once said the iPhone undergoes more new changes than your average Christian does in his lifetime. Kurt explores the amazing work of newness that God wan ...

God Day - Why is Healing Delayed?

Most of us have experienced delayed healing or no healing at all, possibly ending in death. Why is this? Does God not answer all prayers for healing? Or are oth ...

God Day - Learning from the Life of Joseph

How was Joseph a 'type' of Christ? How did this dreamer prosper even though he suffered so much hardship? What can he teach us about fleeing from sin, humility, ...

God Day - How is your Relationship with Yourself

We have all heard that we must have a personal relationship with God but what about our relationship with ourselves?

God Day - Consistency

Why is it so difficult to be consistent in certain areas of our lives? Let's remind ourselves that with God's help we can overcome all obstacles

God Day - The Gospel and The Wisdom of God

God’s wisdom is so vastly superior to ours. His instructions for how the gospel is to be preached are deliberate and this is the only way the power of God for ...

God Day - Vessels of Gold

The Bible says, in a great house, there are vessels of Gold, Silver, Precious Stones, Wood, Hay and Stubbles. In this message, Yemi is asking you, which one of ...

God Day - Living in Encouragement

Kurt explores how we can create a culture of encouragement in a time of extreme discouragement.

God Day - Good Works

This message by Barry Segal delivers an understanding of why 'Good Works' are a form of worship unto the Lord

God Day - Who will you choose

Who will you choose? Your life or Jesus? The three Hebrew boys knew without a doubt.
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