Bible Study - Acts 14 v1 to 18

02 Nov 2020
Another town, another challenge. Unlike the previous place, where they were run out of town, the challenge here is that they are feted and called gods for performing a miracle


Bible Study

This study introduces the first epistle of Peter. In contrast to Paul, whose conversion took place after Jesus' resurrection and ascension, Peter had been one o ...

Bible Study - Acts 20 v17 to 38

Paul is en-route to Jerusalem and decides to bypass Ephesus so as not to be delayed. But he knows he will never visit them again, so calls for the elders to mee ...

Bible Study - Acts 20 v1 to 16

Paul continues his third missionary journey into Greece and travels back through Macedonia. During one of his all-nighters, a young man falls out of a third flo ...

Bible Study - Acts 19 v21 to 41

The pushback against Paul's ministry in this passage came from a silversmith called Demetrius. He organised a riot in the theatre in order to disrupt Paul's wor ...

Bible Study - Acts 19 v11 to 20

Handkerchiefs from Paul caused healing and deliverance from evil spirits. This immediately resulted in copy-cat exorcists and healers trying to cast out demons ...

Bible Study - Acts 18 v24 to 19 v10

While Paul is embarking on his third missionary journey, Apollos arrives in Ephesus, and Priscilla and Aquila are compelled to take him aside to teach him

Bible Study - Acts 18 v4 to 23

Paul spends a couple of years in Corinth. His ministry shifts primarily to the gentiles, after the Jews reject his teaching in the synagogues

Bible Study - Acts 18:1-17

Paul's last stop in Europe is Corinth, just west of Athens. There he meets Aquila and Priscilla, who had been turfed out of Rome by Emperor Claudius

Bible Study - Acts 17 v22 to 34

Paul rises to the challenge and gives the Athenians a lecture in the Areopagus. He doesn't pull any punches

Bible Study - Acts 17 v10 to 21

Paul arrives in Athens, having left Silas and Timothy. There's no one to restrain him, so what will he do when 'his spirit was provoked within him when he saw t ...

Bible Study - Acts 17 v1 to 16

Paul and his group continue to travel through Greece, preaching in the synagogues that Jesus is the Christ, to great hostility from the majority of the audience ...

Bible Study - Acts 16 v1 to 15

This is where Paul first meets Timothy. And the first thing he wants Timothy to do is get circumcised.
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