God Day - What do you do when the road ends?

17 Sep 2020
Join Kurt as he talks about how we can trust God when there are no roads and no maps to follow?


God Day - The Revelation of blood - Adam to Noah

The tracing of sacrificial blood through the early pages of the bible leads to some remarkable thoughts not always obvious at first reading

God Day - The Overflowing Life

God has created and designed us to live an overflowing life. As David said in Psalm 23, 'my cup overflows'. What about you, how�s your 'cup', are you living a ...

God Day - The Beauty of the Oil

The Beauty of the Oil and looking at how God anoints His people. Like a Shepherd cares for His sheep and how the Holy Spirit works in the midst of our lives.

God Day - Overcoming the fear of failure

The Bible says that 'the righteous person falls seven times and rises again'. In this devotion Kurt shows us that we do not have to fear failure, or be defined ...

God Day - When God Remembered

God has not forgotten you. He knows everything about you and will turn your situation around in an instant

God Day - Sacrifice of Praise

The Sacrifice of Praise is thanking God before we see the answer, based on His faithfulness to keep His promise, which opens the door for God to move and manife ...

God Day - How the Lord guides us

Join Simone Kennedy-Harding as she shares how does the Lord guide us. Looking at Psalm 23 and everyday life illustrations to see the different ways God leads Us ...

God Day - Knowing who you are in Christ Jesus

The Bible in Hosea chapter 4 verse 6 says, 'My people perish for lack of knowledge'. When you know who you are in Christ Jesus, then your journey to a very succ ...

God Day - Approved by God

We seem to be always looking for approval, the Bible calls us a workman approved by God. But what does that mean and how should it affect our daily lives

God Day - The Power Of Guidance

In this devotion, Kurt shows us that good guidance in the Bible is not just 'good advice' but it is personal, powerful and productive. You will never see guidan ...

God Day - Don't let your love grow cold

In times of hardship, social distancing and world calamities, there is a real tenancy to let our love grow cold for God, for each other as the body of Christ an ...

God Day - The Power of Connection

Join Simone Kennedy-Harding as she talks about the power of connection, how important is it in our relationship with the Lord and what are the benefits when we ...
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