Insight Live - The Fragrance of Love

15 Sep 2020
Join Kurt and Melanie on Insight Live for an inspirational programme on 'smelling' our best for Christ and for the world. What kind of fragrance are we spreading as Christians? What do we smell like?


Insight Live - Healing from Toxic Relationships

Kurt & Melanie interview author Julz Muya on her book, 40 Days & Nights: Your Healing Journey to Freedom and Purpose.

Insight Live - Mental Health and Covid-19

Join Kurt & Melanie this week on Insight Live as they interview Dr Stephen Critchlow who is a Christian psychiatrist, about the effects of Covid-19 on our menta ...

Insight Live - Successful Relationships

Successful relationships don't just happen automatically. They take work. The problem is, often, we have no idea what to work on! Kurt & Melanie interview Dr An ...

Insight Live - The Young Adult Challenge

Kurt and Melanie interview author Lydia Jenkins on what it's like as a young person to transition into adult life.

Insight Live - The Jesus Method

Join Kurt and Melanie as they interview author and mission leader, Paul Gibbs. He asks if we really have tried the methods that Jesus used to bring people to Go ...

Insight Live - Living as a Blind Christian

Imagine losing your sight at 19 years old and entering a world of total darkness. How would you adapt? This happened to author and motivational speaker, John Fl ...

Insight Live - An Interview with Pastor Bill Wilson

Pastor Bill Wilson, the founder of the world's largest Sunday School, Metro World Child, is now launching his ministry in the UK. Join Kurt and Melanie as they ...

Insight Live - Modern Day Slavery

Entire families including young children are enslaved for life working at brick factories in Pakistan. Join Kurt & Melanie as they interview author Becky Murray ...

Insight Live - Victory over Pornography

Join Kurt and Melanie as they interview Henry on his book, Behind Closed Doors, and see the freedom that God brings.

Insight Live - The Kingdom of Heaven Today

Join Kurt and Melanie as they interview author and pastor Martin Young on how we can learn to see the Kingdom of Heaven in everyday living.

Insight Live - Living in the Last Hour

Join Kurt and Melanie as they interview author Bob Hext on his book, 2 Seconds to Midnight. How can we be ready for God's next move?

Insight Live - The Joy of Empowering Others

Kurt and Melanie interview author Wendy Mann about discovering the joy of empowering others.Paul said he didn't want to dominate believers by telling them how t ...
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