The Promise - Documentary by Howard Conder

17 Jul 2020
The Promise - Documentary by Howard Conder


The Lion of Judah

During the time of Jesus' crucifixion, a lamb named Judah tries to avoid being sacrificed. Her friends from the stable in Bethlehem embark on a journey to save ...

The Robert Hicks Story

How one man overame dibilitating obstacles to become a prolific follower of Christ.

Faith Happens

What do a drug addict, a pastor, an abused girl and a Chinese entrepreneur have in common? For one thing, they all go to the same church. Odd, but true - as is ...

The Orville Rogers Story

Pilot and world champion runner Orville Rogers trained bomber pilots in World War II, and he ferried airplanes for JAARS INC to remote Christian missions all ov ...

The Promise - Documentary by Howard Conder

The Promise - Documentary by Howard Conder

Why Revelation TV

Presenting the Vision and brief history of the Revelation TV channel. A must watch for those who don't know it's beginnings or would like to be aware in its fut ...

Documentary The Life Of Spurgeon

This powerful, inspirational docudrama faithfully recreates the times of C.H. Spurgeon and brings the "people's preacher" to life as it follows his trials and t ...

I Can See Paradise

A doucmentary of one man's account of what can best be described as an amazing supernatural experience. First of Hell, then of Heaven.

So, Who Is Jesus?

Two thousand years ago a man who changed the course of history was born. He was a carpenter. As an adult he never travelled more than 60 miles. He was betrayed ...

John Newton - The Hymn Write

Newton's Grace is the true story of a real 'Prodigal Son' the story of miraculous forgiveness and change that lies behind the powerful words of one of the world ...

The Welsh 1859 and 1904 Revivals

Throughout history there have been times when the light of the Gospel has shone especially bright. The revivals of 1859 and 1904 in Wales stand as powerful exam ...

Discovering The Real Jesus

A Documentary discovering the life of the historical Jesus, and the traditions and customs of biblical Jewish life in the land of Israel.
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