The Late Show - 75th Anniversary of V E Day

06 May 2020
Join Simon Barrett for a Late Show Special to mark the 75th Anniversary of V E Day, the day of celebration that marked the end of the Second World War in Europe.Special guests include Major Rhett Parkinson -Director of the Armed Forces Christian Union, a ministry that seeks to support Christians within the Armed Forces as they live out their faith in a challenging calling. He will also be joined by Alex Barker a serving pilot with the Royal Air Force. The day itself was a great day of jubilation. A day of great relief. Germany had finally been defeated and celebrations erupted throughout the western world, especially in Great Britain and North America. It was said that more than one million people celebrated in the streets of London's West End that day. But before this day the deadliest military conflict in history. Where 30 countries took part in a brutal 6 year war. Over 85 million lives were lost in the battle to overcome the evil of Nazism and many more affected in so many different ways. They will be looking back from a point of view of the military who served the country during this time and also from a Christian point of view. What price was paid and what lessons learned? A time to honour and remember.


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