The Plague, Prophecy and Passover

11 Apr 2020
Barry Segal shares the relevance in prophecy to what the Covid-19 virus has meant in terms of our times and its urgency in preparing God's people and sharing the gospel of His kingdom



From Jerusalem to the ends of the earth, Christine Darg teaches the people who know God to be strong, to do the works of Jesus the Messiah, including healing, p ...

Gospel Truth

Teaching by Andrew Wommack.

My Story - David and Patricia King

David and Trisha King share their stories, David from drugs and the occult and Trisha from an early knowledge of God, of how God brought them together for a lif ...

Jewish Voice

Jonathan Bernis teaches on End Times prophecy and the Jewish Roots of the Bible.

Joyce Meyer Ministries

Join Joyce Meyer as she brings encouragement and teaching from the word of God.

It's Supernatural

Sid Roth investigates amazing stories of the supernatural

Voices from Israel - David Davis

Voices from Israel featuring David Davis from Broadway to Mount Carmel, sharing his great insight and wisdom into the reasons why Israel and the Jews have been ...

Health and Nutrition Pt.2

Phillip Day, medical research journalist, educates and encourages us to improve our diet and lifestyles. A live and interactive programme.

Deciding Your Destiny...

... with Cecil Stewart. The 'Deciding Your Destiny' programme will inspire and empower believers and leaders to reach the lost and hurting in their communities.

Life Focus

Inspired by faith and the love for a sister, Life Focus uncovers how a killer was caught and brought to justice a twenty five years later.

The Sounds of the Night

This story is about young woman who exchanges safe country for an uncertain life of hectic voluntary work with pastor Bill Wilson at Metro World Child in the in ...

The Foundation of a True Christian

Don't miss this! Christine Huni, through the power of the Holy Spirit, reveals the true living story found in the bible. Every Sunday, 6:30pm - The Foundation o ...
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