The Late Show - Coronavirus

08 Apr 2020
Join Simon Barrett and his guests Michael McCann of the Isreal British Alliance and William Koenig of World Daily Watch to look at news, views, and happenings related to Coronavirus crisis


The Late Show - Pre or Post Tribulation

Mark and Jack Willats discuss pre-tribulation and post-tribulation. Join us for this live and interactive programme.

The Late Show - Pastor Derek Walker

Pastor Derek Walker, Oxford Bible Church, joins Mark & Jack Willats on The Late Show to answer your questions.

The Late Show - Take up your cross

On the Late Show Mark and Jeremy discuss what it means to 'take up your cross and follow Jesus'? They will be examining the truth behind this call of Jesus to h ...

The Late Show - Speaking in Tongues

On the Late Show this week Mark and Jeremy will be tackling the subject of speaking in tongues and asking some relevant questions regarding its use in the churc ...

The Late Show - Living the Christian life is this world

Mark and Jeremy continue to discuss what it means to live as a Christian in today's world. The challenges and costs along with the victories and joy that come w ...

The Late Show - Living Biblically

Join Mark and Jeremy as they ask some fundamental questions about living the Christian life in this world. What are the challenges for Christians and how do we ...

The Late Show - Our Purpose and the Time we have

On the Late Show join Jack and Mark Willats as they talk about purpose and time. Why were we put on this Earth, what should we be doing, how should we be spendi ...

The Late Show - The significance of the light

Jack and Mark Willats talk about the light. Jesus says that he is the light and that we should walk in the light. Light is a common theme in the New Testament - ...

The Late Show - Last Words from Jesus

Join Jack and Mark Willats as they look at the last words Jesus said. Jesus made numerous statements on the cross before he died. They will be discussing the si ...

The Late Show - Submitting in Christ

Join Mark and Jack Willats as they look at the topic of submission - in the family, in marriage, at work, at church, and ultimately to God.

The Late Show - What is Love?

Join Mark and Jack Willats as they look at love. What are the different types of love in the Bible? What is love? How is Jesus' life and message related to love ...

The Late Show - Walking by the Spirit

The Bible says to walk by the Spirit. What does this mean and how can we do it? Join in on this live and interactive talk
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