Mount Moriah and Golgotha

17 Aug 2019
Starting with Abraham's offering of Isaac on Mount Moriah Derek Walker discovers the location of Christ's Crucifixion at Golgotha, the Place of the Skull, showing how it perfectly fits the New Testame


Quick Study

Quick Study is a programme designed to guide you through the entire Bible, from Genesis to Revelation, this thirty-minute devotional show that will change the w ...

Way Of The Master

Ray Comfort and Kirk Cameron teach Christians how to share their faith effectively and inoffensively

700 Club Interactive

Join in as Gordon Robertson and Terry Meeuwsen connect with viewers through live ministry via video, chat, Skype and email

David Pawson - Israel Special

David Pawson talks about Israel today.

Life Focus

Inspired by faith and the love for a sister, Life Focus uncovers how a killer was caught and brought to justice a twenty five years later.

Roots and Reflections

Barry Segal. Roots and Reflections brings preaching and teaching from the Word of God

Adventists In-Verse

InVerse approaches Bible study with warm humor, simple application, and authentic conversation. Studying a new topic every week, Justin Kim and his team discuss ...

The Persecuted Church

In January many traditions celebrate an ancient Christian feast known as 'The Epiphany' meaning 'Revelation'

Billy Graham TV

Billy Graham TV

The Jeffrey Brothers

Two brothers from a mining family in the valleys of South Wales got saved during the Welsh revival. They would go on to evangelise and establish New Testament c ...

Tree of Life

Join Pastor Benjamin Conway, Founder of Tree of Life Church, as he inspires and challenges you to Live you Dream.

Joyce Meyer Ministries

Join Joyce Meyer as she brings encouragement and teaching from the word of God.
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