Jill Southern - Devotionals - How Memories are made

01 Jul 2019


Daniel Chand - Why choose Christianity

Why choose Christianity ? Karma says you get what you deserve, Christianity says Jesus took what you deserve. Daniel explains more on the hope knowing Jesus off ...

Daniel Chand - Why God Loves you

Daniel explains that God has a plan for your life and share about the heart of the Father.

Daniel Chand - How to tell your friends about Jesus

"Let the redeemed of the Lord say so." Psalm 107:2 - When was the last time you tolds someone about how Jesus changed and saved you ?

Daniel Chand - How can young people evangelise

How can young people evangelise ? Daniel explains how we can share what we have received from our relationship with God.

Daniel Chand - Who is Jesus ?

What a powerful question. There is no one like Jesus. Find out in this short video why there is no one like Jesus.

Inspirational Moments with Howard Conder - Psalm 91

New Heavens & New Earth

Jesus - the reason we celebrate Christmas

Jesus of Nazareth

Pete Cunningham Devotional 10 - Obey Jesus

Pete Cunningham
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