17 Jun 2019
Join in as Gordon Robertson and Terry Meeuwsen connect with viewers through live ministry via video, chat, Skype and email


Dr Grady McMurtry

Join Dr Grady McMurtry as he gives powerful teaching on the subject of creation.

The Healing Scriptures

The Healing Scriptures is an amazing collection of GOD's promises being recited by Cyril Smyth together with inspirational music and visuals of Israel

A Heart Set Free Charles Wesley

A look at the life and works of Charles Wesley

Hudson Taylor

James Hudson Taylor was one of the most influential missionaries of the 19th century. Founder of China Inland Mission, he spent a total of 51 years spreading th ...

Metropolitan Tabernacle

Finding and walking with God messages from London's Metropolitan Tabernacle. Also featuring great Christian biography.

Hour of Deliverance...

.... with Apostle Jones Boateng. Spotlight on deliverance.

Election 2019 Christian Peoples Alliance

Join Simon Barrett for General Election 2019 as he interviews Christian candidates from the main political parties In this episode, he interviews Sid Cordle, le ...

An Audience With...

Helen Shapiro, highly respected English jazz singer, shares her life testimony and music

John Bunyan The People's Pilgrim

Thrown in jail for preaching the gospel during great religious persecution, John Bunyan - the son of a tinker with little education - gets to work and pens The ...

The Jeffrey Brothers

Two brothers from a mining family in the valleys of South Wales got saved during the Welsh revival. They would go on to evangelise and establish New Testament c ...

Billy Graham TV

Billy Graham TV

Way Of The Master

Ray Comfort and Kirk Cameron teach Christians how to share their faith effectively and inoffensively
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