19 Apr 2019
Barry Segal. Roots and Reflections brings preaching and teaching from the Word of God



Superbook teaches children timeless moral truths and life lessons through the captivating, Bible-based adventures of two time-traveling children and their robot ...

Addressing Abortion...

... on a Sunday Morning. Discussion on abortion in modern society.

New Life Christian Centre

New Life Christian Centre International is a vibrant, multi-cultural church in fellowship with the Assemblies of God in Great Britain. Join Pastor Ian Christens ...

In Touch with Dr Charles F. Stanley

Charles F. Stanley is the founder of In Touch Ministries and a New York Times best-selling author. As in Acts 20:24 "Life is worth nothing unless I use it for d ...

David Pawson

David Pawson is an international speaker and author with an uncompromising faithfulness to the Holy Scriptures.

Billy Graham Classics

Billy Graham Classics

Dr Grady McMurtry

Join Dr Grady McMurtry as he gives powerful teaching on the subject of creation.

Interview with Sally O'Connor

Sally O'Connor Klein, a Jewess, gives her amazing testimony of how she came to recognise that Jesus of Nazereth is her Messiah.

Mount Moriah and Golgotha

Starting with Abraham's offering of Isaac on Mount Moriah Derek Walker discovers the location of Christ's Crucifixion at Golgotha, the Place of the Skull, showi ...

Thin Places

Producer Rebecca Friedlander takes you on an epic journey through Celtic lands to discover a rich heritage of faith!

Knesset Report - Jew Hatred

Join Simon Barrett in Israel's Parliament the Knesset for a panel discussion on Israel's perspective on the raise of Jew Hatred in Britain and in the West

Metropolitan Tabernacle

Finding and walking with God messages from London's Metropolitan Tabernacle. Also featuring great Christian biography.
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