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How you became involved in Revelation TV:
My wife, Sarah, met Howard before the launch of the channel and joined the volunteer team as a producer.  She had the brilliant idea of producing a new show called The Men's Group hosted by John Campbell, on which I initially appeared as a guest, and later more regularly as a co-presenter.  The idea was to have three Bible teachers covering Bible topics that local churches of the time did not necessarily cover.  Later this became the Bible Study where books of the Bible would be systematically covered.  

In 2004 Howard asked me to serve as Trustee of the Revelation Foundation, which I was honoured to accept.  I went off air in 2010 when I moved to Canada, but I remained a Trustee, and in 2014 I moved to Spain to take up the position of Chief Operating Officer.

Today I am officially retired, but continue to serve as Trustee and present Bible Study on Monday nights and occasionally a live evening show or interview.

Why Revelation TV is special:
I have always taken a keen interest in media, and how both the Kingdom of God and the enemy can use it for good or ill.  I supported Premier Christian Radio when it launched, and Revelation TV when it launched.  Revelation carries so many live and topical programs that address the real needs of the viewers.  What I find particularly special is that presenters actually listen to the viewers, and we feel that we know what they are going through and can identify with them.

More than anything, I feel that Revelation is God's vessel for a hurting world where many churches seem unable to deal with real problems faced by real people.  Through Revelation, God in his grace and mercy touches lives and heals people.

Something interesting about Alan:
In my youth I was an avid dancer.  I represented my University in Ballroom Dancing competitions, and later I took up Israeli Dancing.  Afterwards I was involved in the Christian Dance Fellowship of Britain.  Ever since I read that David danced before YHWH I have felt that dance is an expressive part of worship, where we can show our love for God in a way that words alone cannot.

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