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Dr Laura Richardson

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To the Point, Health in Focus 

Year started at Revelation TV:

How you became involved in Revelation TV:
I started producing a Christian girls' magazine called "Special" and sent in a copy to Lesley. It was received really well and I was subsequently interviewed on World in Focus. One day, Lesley asked me what else I did for a living. On hearing that I was a GP, she followed it up quickly with "Oh good! We have always wanted a Health Programme!"

So, Health in Focus was birthed in Cleveland Street as a weekly add-on to the end of R Mornings, which was presented daily at that time by Howard and Lesley (who can ever forget the funny handbag episode when Howard emptied out all of Lesley's "kitchen sink" and gave a blow by blow running commentary on the items!).

Once a week, Howard would leave the set and I would come on to present HIF with Lesley.  In those early days, Lesley would have to prompt me with questions to keep me from drying up. One day, during a music break, she got up and left me all on my own on set! Obviously in her wisdom, she felt that I was ready to present on my own, and didn't need her to hold my hand anymore; I didn't think so, and kept waiting for her to come back on. She never has!!

Health in Focus then became a stand-alone programme. Since then, I have also presented "Five Alive" with Del Bearfoot, "Health Matters" with Birgit Whelan and "To the Point" with Dr Richard Kent and Birgit Whelan.

Why Revelation TV is special:
It is the fulfilment of prophecy. We have all seen the videos of prophecies spoken over Howard. God's word is true. It is a testimony of God's faithfulness in keeping His word. Through all the ups and downs of running a Christian TV channel, Howard, Lesley, Gordon and Lorna have shown with their dependency on God, their humility and their passion for the Gospel of Jesus Christ that it possible when God says so.

It is also the fulfilment of God's word in my life. In 1999, God told me that I would be involved in the media.  I am honoured that He should choose me and use me in this way. It really is against so many odds that I am on Rev TV. Only GOD could do this!

I am wonderfully blessed to be a part of the Rev TV family and team, with all our unique gifts, interests, strengths and experiences; we have all been hand-picked by God for His purpose, to create a rich expression of Who He is -  just like the different faces of the same diamond. God so deserves all the praise and glory!

Something interesting about Laura:
I am a songwriter/singer.  I still receive royalties from songs I wrote over a decade ago. Holy Spirit wakes me up with a tune, and I get out my recorder and sing. Sometimes, I listen back to the recording and laugh in hysterics at the incoherent sleepy sound of my voice. Other times, a tune is birthed that soon becomes a full blown song. I do not normally write songs "to order", but when my beloved Mum died, I asked the Lord to give me a song to honour her. It took less than 2 weeks from God giving me the tune, all my nearest and dearest chipping in with some missing words for the lyrics, to getting it recorded in time for her funeral. Thank You Father!

Following another personal loss this year, I did not notice that I had stopped singing, until few of my work colleagues mentioned how they missed my singing. I came to realise that my singing was not just about me relieving stress or absent-mindedly expressing myself, it was WORSHIP, and it had POWER to CHANGE the atmosphere. Whatever talent God has given us to use has the same effect. 

Recently, God reminded me in Jeremiah 8:22 that He had called me to bless His people by presenting health topics and speaking His truth on health and wholeness. I am blessed to be able to do this and hope those who watch are blessed richly too.

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ROMANS 8:28 "And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love Him, who have been called according to His purpose."

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