Dr Hugh Jackman

Dr Hugh Jackman

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R Mornings, The Late Show, Church Without Walls

Year started Revelation TV:


How you became involved in Revelation TV:

Howard invited me to His home studio where he was recording the revelation program (pre channel) He told me to just sit there and start talking about God. I responded. We had a lovely conversation I thought. Of course I didn’t know the camera was recording. 

Why Revelation TV is special:

RTV must be special because God has blessed it. I have seen many personalities come and sadly go but God’s amazing grace always seems to remain on the work. 

Something interesting about yourself:

I am a song writer performing under the name Hugh Alexander also under the ministry of Spirit and Life, Dr Hugh Jackman is an author of several books like Jesus the Aleph Tav, Anointer Anointing Anointed and Facts versus Truth available worldwide.

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