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Cyril & Breda Smyth

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‘The Healing Word’

Year started at Revelation TV :

How did Cyril & Brenda become involved in Revelation TV:
Cyril: I met Howard through a mutual friend, Peter Stanway. He asked me to present the Voice in the Wilderness programme.  I knew never to say no to the furtherance of Gods Word and with some fear and trembling I said yes. 

Breda: I went with Cyril on the first night to give him prayer support.   However Howard asked me to join Cyril on the programme. I reacted in fear and said ‘no way’. Howard prayed over me and fear left. To my amazement I walked on to the set.  We have been co presenting ever since.

Why Revelation TV is special:
Revelation Television is special because it is free of the ‘religious spirit’ that pervades the church today. It is not attached to any denomination and is indeed a church without walls. The Lord said “I will build my church” and as we adhere to His Word and speak the Truth fearlessly across the airwaves, people are being healed and miracles are happening. We share with you the viewer in the great commission.

Breda: Little did I know when I walked into my first AA meeting back in 1984 full of fear and with no confidence; that God had a plan for my life that included me presenting with Cyril on Revelation Television ‘Voice in the Wilderness’and now ‘The Healing Word’. To do this I remind myself that God did not give me a Spirit of Fear. He gave me a Spirit of LOVE POWER and A SOUND MIND….and Phil 4:I3 “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me”

Cyril: Be sure of one thing. If the Lord wants you to do a work, He will equip you to carry it out. I did not expect to go to a Bible college. I did not expect to share Gods Word on radio and television. I did not expect to pray healing prayers for people and expect them to be healed. 

God had a plan and it was bigger than anything I could ask or think. It has and continues to be a faith walk. Will there be a few heart stopping moments along the way? Yes but rebuke them and stand on His Word,





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PSALMS 107:20 - He sent forth His Word and healed them.

ACTS 4:30 - Stretch out your hand to heal and perform signs and wonders through the name of your holy servant Jesus

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