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To The Point and Fun Facts

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How Richard became involved in Revelation TV:
I was interviewed by Howard Conder many months before Revelation TV actually launched in 2003.  After Revelation TV launched I was involved in a number of different programmes. At the time I was working part time as an evangelist in Death Row and Maximum Security in the Philippines, a ministry started in 1946 by Corrie ten Boom. This is one of the largest prison complexes in the world, with 20,000 prisoners, of which 1,100 are on Death Row. In 2009 Lesley Conder asked me to make some documentaries. This led to a short programme, To The Point, now co-presented with Dr Laura Richardson and Birgit Whelan.

Why Revelation TV is special:
I absolutely love Revelation TV! I love the channel, know virtually everyone working on the channel, and consider everyone as family!

Revelation TV comes directly to the viewer's home. This is where, in the Book of Acts, believers first met, and is the ideal place for our precious viewers to watch our programmes!

Howard had a vision - a Church Without Walls, where the Gospel of Jesus Christ would be clearly presented. Revelation TV broadcasts excellent teaching from highly respected teachers worldwide. In addition, Revelation TV produces in-house programmes presented by mostly ordinary believers like me! Many of the programmes are interactive, so that viewers can phone, text or email during live, informal programmes. My two favourite programmes are R Mornings and Church Without Walls.

Something interesting about Richard:
My very best friend is my wife, Val! I was a 22- year- old newly qualified doctor when I met this amazing (to me!) student nurse, Val Parker! It was love at first sight, and we married 46 years ago.

Three years later I was working as a GP in Hertfordshire. One day a dear little boy, one of my patients, died on a settee at his home, with his parents and me beside him. The little boy's parents were devastated, as I was. They asked me why God had allowed this to happen, and where was their little boy now? I realised that I was totally unqualified to answer their very relevant question. Val and I then started a very serious search about "Where do we come from, Why are we here, and Where do we go?".

Within six months Val and I were both very serious believers, both coming to faith on the same day. I soon realised that virtually none of my friends and colleagues were believers. In an attempt to raise awareness of both Heaven and Hell, I wrote a Christian book, The Final Frontier, published by HarperCollins, which became a Christian best seller in 1997.  All of my royalties were donated to a children’s charity, to ensure that I could not be accused of writing the book for money! The book contained about 30 true NDE stories, and was later made into a film The Lazarus Phenomenon.

My particular interest is loosely called “Apologetics”. I don’t actually apologise for seeing our Creator God virtually everywhere! True science clearly demonstrates our Creator in the Human Body, DNA, animals, birds, fish, plants, the Solar System, with Divine Design everywhere!

I have presented some of these topics on “To The Point”, and the much shorter “Fun Facts”, in the hope of proving God, and disproving evolution, for many years.

My two books on NDE’s, the two movies made from them, and all of my programmes, as well as links to all of the Revelation TV programmes, are available free on

I am deeply indebted to my lovely co-presenters (and close friends) Dr Laura Richardson and Birgit Whelan, who both have amazing expertise in medical and Biblical studies respectively.

I should be dead! In 2011, I was cycling on a summer’s day and a car drove into the back of my bicycle at 50mph! I sustained 11 fractures, a severe head injury, a cardiac arrest, a DVT, and pneumonia. I really expected to die, but Birgit sent me a Scripture, “I will not die but live, and will proclaim what the LORD has done”, Psalm 118: 17. Virtually everybody including police, and multiple doctors said it was a miracle I survived! I am now trying to do the “proclaiming what the Lord has done” from the above Scripture!

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JOHN 3:16 For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life.

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