Satellite -how to watch

Tune into Relevation TV on SKY TV &  Freesat 

  • Viewing us on SKY TV - tune to channel 581
  • Viewing us on Freesat - tune to channel 692

How to watch on the Christian TV Box 

If you have a dish pointing at the SKY satellite position then you can simply plug its lead into your box and tune in with the details below:

  • Frequency: 11,265MHz
  • Polarization: Vertical
  • Symbol Rate: 27.500
  • FEC: 2/3

For those installing dishes themselves (or on steerable dishes) 

We are on the Eutelsat 28A (formerly Eurobird 1) satellite in the 28.2 / 28.5E orbital position.



Revelation TV has now moved to a new level of excellence in being able to offer true widescreen viewing to all of its viewers having new widescreen TV’s.

See programmes in true 16:9 widescreen! If you have one of these TV’s we recommend the best"picture format” setting to watch us on will be 16:9 on both the SKY digibox / Freesat box"settings” menu and ALSO on your TV"settings” menu.

For those still watching on the older, squarer TV’s (known as the 4:3 aspect ratio) we strongly recommend using the 4:3L setting (rather than just 4:3) on the SKY digibox or Freesat box picture set-up. This way you will see the entire widescreen picture in a letterbox format and any programmes broadcast in the 4:3 format will still display full screen. In this mode you will see the picture change it’s vertical size occasionally during airing of the different types of programmes and adverts. This is normal and ensures that you will always be viewing our channel at its best.”

OTHER RECEIVERS: (Freesat, free to air etc) - please refer to your user manual where there will usually be similar 4:3L picture setting instructions.



Traditional SKY boxes:

On your remote control:


Press 4 (System Setup)

Press 1 (Picture settings) Picture Format (this is for your main TV closest to the SKY box) - If this is the older / squarer type of TV use the move right / left buttons so that the right hand box reads 4:3L the operate the down button to get to the bottom"save new settings” then press"select”.

If you have a second TV which is the older / squarer type fed from the same SKY receiver you will similarly need to change the Second location Picture Format to 4:3L and"save new settings” as above.



SKY+HD Digiboxes:

On your remote:


Press move right button so as to reveal"settings”

Use down button to navigate to"Scart / RF1 picture format” (this is a setting for your TV nearest the receiver) and change this setting if it is the older / squarer TV type by using the move right and left buttons to show 4:3L. Press the Green button to save the setting.

If your second TV fed from the SKY receiver is the older / squarer TV type then you need to change this under"RF2 picture format” using the above technique and saving with the green button.

20 Nov 2018

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