Yemi is joined by Derek Walker on Q and A

Our Q and A programme on a Monday night gives you an opportunity to ask our guests questions you've always wanted to ask.

This Monday, Pastor Derek Walker will be joining Howard and they will be there specifically to answer your questions.  

A regular and popular face on Revelation TV, Derek Walker is a very knowledgeable anointed man of God who runs a Church in Oxford and is an an author of many books.

He put down his roots in Oxford after going there to study Mathematics at St Catherine's College, Oxford University. His life changed when, in his first term, he heard the Gospel and became a Christian. 

Soon after he became a Christian, he began to be aware of a strong call to study God's Word and to stay in Oxford.  He has a special interest in Bible Prophecy and 
Chronology but is passionate about God's word.  He is married to Hillary and together they run Oxford Bible Church a lively, growing international Church.

His books range from a number of  subjects ranging from Living Long and Strong with the Lord to Healing to the End Times His teachings are well known for clarity, detail, and depth of revelation. He says he is constantly amazed at the power and perfection of Scripture and desires to share his knowledge and love of God's Word, because he knows that is the key to knowing God and enjoying His abundant life. 

Q and A is a wonderful opportunity to join Yemi and Pastor Derek Walker for a lively informative and inspiring programme all based around your Questions to them.  

Get your questions in early -, they look forward to hearing from you.

Q and A Live and Interactive at 10pm Monday repeated 14.00 Saturday. Do not miss it!

11 Jan 2021

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