Yemi and Sylvia discuss all the big questions about the Coronavirus tonight. What do you think.

During this pandemic, and indeed since the outbreak of the Coronavirus, many questions have been asked but some have to been asked more than others. 

The main questions have always been, and still are – 

What are the origins of the virus, where did it come from?

Why has it been so deadly people and what could have been done and what can be done to contain it now?

Televisions, newspapers, many on social media many have speculated – newsmen and women, scientists, laymen, presenters, and many more.

The material on all of these questions are numerous and overwhelming – on the origin, it's spread around the world and what the best way is to contain it.

But are these materials genuine or are some conspiracy theories meant to lead us away from the truth or confuse the situation?

This week on the Twilight Zone Yemi and Sylvia will try to make sense of all this information and get to the truth.

They will look at a documentary which seems to shed light on where the Coronavirus came from and the possible reasons for its existence.

Do you have your own theory?  What do you think?


12 May 2020

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