Yemi and Sylvia ask Where did the Coronavirus come from - Part 2

So where did the Coronavirus come from?  A question Yemi and Sylvia asked last week on the Twilight Zone.

Yemi and Sylvia brought fresh revelations and possible explanations about the Coronavirus asking the questions that have been on all our our lips since the outbreak of this illness that seemingly came out of nowhere.

Questions such as “Why is it so deadly?” “Why have so many people caught it” and “What could be done to contain it?”

This has led to a lot of speculation in not only the mainstream media but also on social media.

There are a lot of materials out there supposedly answering these fundamental questions.  A lot of those materials are of a conspiratorial nature.

So, on The Twilight Zone Yemi and Sylvia will once again, this week, be trying to make sense of everything out there.

They will be showing the concluding part of the documentary which seems to shed light on the origin of the Coronavirus and the possible reason for it existence.

Live and interactive so you can ask all those questions that you’ve had on your heart about Coronavirus. And I'm sure you have some friends who have been asking the same thing, tell them about the programme too. 

This is not to be missed.


19 May 2020

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