Write down the Vision and Make it Plain - Habbakuk 2.2

At the beginning of this year I felt the Lord encouraging me to write down the vision He has for my life for 2019 – to make it plain.

The same day we went to see the New Building and the progress that had been made on it and for my eyes were more open to the vision for all the New Building will be able to achieve – for the people we can reach and the programmes we can make there.  I was even more excited than I had been before seeing the vision that the Leadership come to life before me.

Vision is so important, the Bible says without it people perish (Prov 28.19) – vision keeps us going – spurs us on, gives us hope on the good days and the bad days, on the days it seems impossible and the days when our hearts beat with excitement at the plans God has for us. 

God has a plan and a purpose for each of us – things for us to do, people to meet, things to grow in to.  And when we write it down it enables us to run with it even more as the Herald did. 

So that it can be achieved, so we can see it in black and white.  So even when our strength is weak or we are tired or weary, we can return to these words in black and white and do a little each day towards the vision.  On a bad day I take out the vision and think OK I can pray today, I can memorize a scripture today, I can read a chapter of a book or go for a walk get some exercise or reach out to a friend or a family member as that’s all a part of the bigger plan of what I feel God wants me to do this year.

And as the building goes up brick by brick, so does the life that God wants us to have.  He is the foundation, the rock upon which we build our lives.

It’s a few months in now and the vision becomes more real as God colours in my black and white words and brings them to life – what vision has God put on your heart for this year?  For this month, for your life?  Will you spend some time with the Lord and write it down and let God breathe life in to it? 

(Written by Jacqui Braithwaite)

26 Jan 2019

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