Pastor Don Wilkerson co-founder of Teen Challenge, Recovers from Coronavirus at the age of 80

Howard Conder and Gordon Pettie were joined by Pastor Don Wilkerson who is the co-founder of Teen Challenge. He spoke with them about his journey with Coronavirus and the ‘miracle drug’ that was administered to him.
Don, the brother of Pastor David Wilkerson from The Cross and the Switchblade fame, started to feel sick after a trip to his organization’s Brooklyn chapter in early March.
He told CBN News “I got pneumonia, I could hardly walk, or talk; she (my wife) couldn’t understand me very well,”
Wilkerson was rushed to hospital and tested for the virus. He was administered Tylenol and sent home with an apprehensive wait for his test results.
Before learning of his positive test results, Pastor Wilkerson was critically ill and rushed to the hospital. At this time, the Doctor prescribed him hydroxychloroquine.

23 Apr 2020

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