Wilberforce Academy equipping the next generation of Christian leaders

In this week’s edition of Politics Today, Simon and his guests will be discussing the role the Wilberforce Academy plays in equipping the next generation of Christian leaders inspired by the life of William Wilberforce. Wilberforce with God’s help was able to abolish the slave trade in Britain through legislation.

There are two millennial guests on the programme, who through Christian Concern’s Wilberforce Academy are being equipped for the challenges facing the next generation of Christian leaders.

They will discuss why and how this vital Christian education programme started, and what is taught at the weeklong intensive Wilberforce Academy. What makes the Christian walk so tough for Millennium believers is that they have grown up in a post Christian Society in Britain and the West. They face fierce opposition for their stance on standing up for biblical values and find themselves socially isolated by their peer group.

Therefore, the Wilberforce Academy is so important as it empowers and equips young Christian professionals to stand up for Christ in their generation. They need the support and encouragement of older generation of Christians.

So please join us for Politics Today tonight at 8.30pm

14 Oct 2021

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