Who is the real T B Joshua

On The Twilight Zone this week join Sylvia and Yemi as they will be looking at T B Joshua and his Synagogue church.

For many years T B Joshua has divided opinions within the Body of Christ - many people ask, is he a true man of God or a fraud?  There is alot of debate as to whether he is of God or not.

Many Christians are divided as to who T B Joshua is.  Some believe he since he preaches righteousness, does miracles and give to the poor, he must be truly from God.

But others say, that is not the real T B Joshua.

On the Twilight Zone this week we will be asking, who is the real T B Joshua?

We will be taking a closer look at him, his organisation and his modus operandi and taking a closer look at the Synagogue Church.

Join them as we analyse his life and the ministry of T B Joshua.

The Twilight Zone every week at 10pm on Tuesdays - live and interactive for your emails and questions and repeated 11.30 Saturday.  

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19 Jan 2021

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