Where are we in terms of Christian Freedoms in 2022

In this first edition of Politics Today for 2022, Simon Barrett will be joined by Tim Dieppe from Christian Concern and David Kurten leader of the Heritage party as we discuss, where are we in terms of Christian Freedoms in the UK in 2022? 


This year has started well with Christians winning two big legal cases on Christian freedoms both in London and in the European Court for Human Rights. Nigerian Christian nurse Mary Onohas 61 won her legal case against the Croydon NHS Trust for dismissal for wearing a cross. Mary was subjected to years of harassment, victimisation, direct and indirect discrimination, and unfair dismissal because she refused to take off her small gold cross that is the symbol of her faith in Jesus Christ. Whilst at the same hospital, other members of staff could wear a hijab, Hindu bracelets and other religious entire but poor Mary was not allowed to wear her beloved cross on the grounds of hygiene. She refused to give in and became an overcomer and won her case. 


The other big legal battle won recently was the Asher Bakery Case in which the European Court of Human Rights rejected Gareth Lee case for trying to force the Christian bakery of making a cake with a liberal political message that went against their consciences. 


We will be discussing are we starting to see a legal fight back for Christian freedoms in the UK in 2022 so please watch Politics Today on Thursday at 8.30 pm. 

13 Jan 2022

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