When Heaven Meets Earth

On Insight Live this week, join Kurt and Melanie for another gripping programme, which will speak to so many hearts.

What do you do when words fail, when your feelings have taken you hostage and God doesn´t seem to be there?  What do you do when you´re going through a time of grief and loss, a time of giving up on your dreams, when you don´t have the will or the energy to move forward?

Kurt and Melanie, on this episode of Insight Live: When Heaven Meets Earth, share stories of how the “gates of heaven” were opened for various people going through their most difficult times and how they found the grace and strength to move forward. 

David Oliver, author of the popular book, All About Heaven, and his wife Gill join us on Insight Live as they share their stories of how heaven broke through for them after they lost their son.

David has worked with evangelical, charismatic and traditional churches and organizations including Focus on the Family, Spring Harvest, Billy Graham Evangelistic Association and Care for the Family. David has written 14 books including “Work: Prison Or Place of Destiny?” and “Find Your Voice”

Insight Live, Tuesday 9pm repeated Saturday 1pm.  Live and Interactive for your emails.

01 Dec 2020

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