What will be the big political issues in 2021

Michael McCann – Israel Britain Alliance – https://www.israelbritain.org.uk/
Robin Benson – Christian Political Commentator  

Join Simon Barrett and Michael McCann on this first Politics Todays on 2021.  He will be joined by Michael McCann from the Israel Britain Alliance and Robin Benson, Christian Political Commentator as they discuss the political challenges facing us all in 2021  

They will be discussing the dramatic political developments in 2020 and comment on the main political issues that will affect us all in 2020?  
The main political issue that affected us and turned our lives upside down was the impact of the global pandemic Covid19 in 2020 and there is no doubt that we will all see the political, social and economic fallout of this virus.  
We discuss will the new Covid19 vaccines be able to bring life back to normal or are we living in the new normal and will our lives ever be the same as they were in 2019?  
We discuss what political impact will Boris Johnson decision to cancel Christmas for millions of people and what impact will have on his political fortunes. We discuss how the Scottish nationalists are not being challenged over implementing strict Covid19 measures.  
We also discuss can the new Labour leader Sir Kier Starmer stamp out the crisis of anti-Semitism within the Labour party and reassure the Jewish Community and the Commission for Equality and Human Rights.  
Finally, we discuss what are the prospect of the Democrats taking the Presidency in 2021 will have on US-British relations and what will this mean for Israel.  

If you are interested in wanting to know what will be the main political issues that will dominate our news in 2021 please join us for the first Politics Today of 2021.

Thursday at 8.30pm repeated at 2pm Sunday, don´t miss it.


07 Jan 2021

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