What was the point of the Law and how relevant is it today

Join Mark and Jack Willats on the Late Show as they will be speaking about the Law and ask "What was the point of the Law and how is it relevant today?"

When “the law” is mentioned in the Bible it looks to the days of the Old Testament. While there are many, if not hundreds of commands given to the Israelites “the law” refers specifically to first five books of the Bible and the decrees given within it.  

This whole body of law was given the name Torah.

Obeying this “law” was desire and obligation of to please God and gain His favour.  The law occupied such a huge place in the life of the Israelites

In the New Testament everything changes and while “the law” is often mentioned it refers back to the time when people looked to absolute obedience to the commandments as the way to receive God' blessings.

The apostle Paul loves to contrast the forgiven state believers now enjoy because of God’s grace with the time where the idea that we must be saved by obedience to the Law.  The impossible state many lived in as they strived for forgiveness through their actions and now the state we live in, being forgiven because of Christ’s sacrifice – grace and mercy.

Join Mark and Jack as they look back at living under the Law – being free from the Law through Christ’s sacrifce and what does it mean to us now as believers.

Join them, Wednesday at 10pm repeated 2pm Saturday.

16 Sep 2020

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