What prophetic events will shape 2021

Join Simon Barrett for this first Behind the Headlines of the year on Wednesday at 10pm.

In this programme, they will be discussing what will be the major prophetic news events that will shape our lives in 2021. 2020 was a dramatic and eventful year that affected all our lives as the global pandemic Covid19 engulfed the entire world. We witnessed peace breaking out in the Middle East for the first time in over a generation. The US Presidential Election and the controversy surrounding it looks set to dominate our news headlines in 2021. Also, in 2020 after almost fifty years of Britain being in the European Union our nation is now free as a last-minute trade deal was agreed. 

The world is relieved that 2020 is over but as we get closer to what the book of Revelation describes as the Tribulation period believers know that the world is going to become more turbulent and dramatic. 

The global pandemic Covid19 will shape our lives this year from the vaccination to transforming our economies moving the west one-step closer to a cashless society and the World Economic Forum, who want to create the Global Reset as our nations move closer to world government. 

The prospect of a Biden/Harris administration in the White House will accelerate extreme secular humanist policies, that will come into direct conflict with biblical values, meaning that the west will be even further away from God’s laws and statutes. 

2021 will be a big year for Britain as the nation has finally left the European Union and will be a sovereign nation once again after being tired to the European Union for almost fifty years. 

In 2020 we witnessed the dramatic events of peace breaking out in the Middle East with Israel establishing diplomatic ties with Arab and African States under the leadership of the Trump administration. Now will Biden keen to bring Iran and the Palestinian Authority into the fold what will this mean for peace in the Middle East? 

We are witnessing the dramatic technological advancement of Artificial Intelligence (AI) that will change and shape our world in 2021 and to the extent that people are becoming more dependent on this technology. Will AI technology be part of the Anti-Christ’s one world economy and even be the mark that people will accept to follow him?

Whatever unfolds in 2021 we can be sure it will be another dramatic and eventful year.

Join Simon and Regan, Behind the Headlines, Wednesday night 9pm repeated Friday at 2pm.  Do not miss it!

06 Jan 2021

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