What lies behind the current fuel crisis

In this week’s edition of Politics Today, Simon and his guests will be discussing the current fuel crisis that is affecting our country as petrol and diesel run dry on our forecourts and patient runs out from motorists, we ask are we heading for a winter of discontent?

We are witnessing panic buying again as people rush to petrol stations to fill up on fuel whether they need it or not and this has caused petrol to runout across the country. As a result, we are witnessing selfish behaviour as key workers cannot get fuel for their cars so they cannot do their vital job.
Simon will ask has the government mishandled this situation, as they claim that there is a huge shortage ofroad haulage driving but not in fuel? Critics of government are blaming Brexit for the crisis, but the reality is that Covid has had a big impact on the industry with many drivers being furloughed and no longer returned to their profession.

Tonight they also discuss the potential crisis facing the food industry with a shortage of C02 and the price of gas raising is causing huge problems even with the media discussing how there could be a shortage of Christmas tree’s this year and how in this disruptive and precious times how we need the peace of God in our lives like never-before.

So please join us for Politics Today on Thursday at 8.30 pm

07 Oct 2021

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