What is the spiritual and political state of the nation in 2023

In the first recording of Politics Today for 2023 gives us an opportunity to reflect and discuss. what is the spiritual and political state of the nation? When we look at the political challenges faces our government and nation the problems are insurmountable as our nation is rocket by Industrial action. The NHS is on its knees, the economy is dire straits with raising inflation and the increasing high cost of living.  The government lacks political legitimacy as members of Conservative Parliamentary party never voted for Rishi Sunak. The Archbishop of Canterbury is serving the woke brigade and looking to spend £100 million for reparations for the Church’s historical role in the slave trade. 


We will be discussing how the Church needs to step in this country to be conscience of the nation and how as believers we need to address through prayer the spiritual problems affecting the nation. Then the political issues and problems can be addressed with the realisation that however spiritual dark our becomes our nation becomes is God is still on the throne and sovereign. 


Please join us on Thursday at 8.30pm for this important discussion affecting our nation. 

18 Jan 2023

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