What is the historical and Cultural Significance of the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra

In this week’s edition of The Middle East Report, Simon Barrett interviews Ruth Fisher from the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra Foundation in the UK as she discusses the historical and cultural importance of the world-renowned Israeli Orchestra.

The Israel Philharmonic Orchestra was formed in the pre-state years of the Jewish State in 1936 by the famous musician Bronislaw Heberman. Who had the foresight to understand the direction Europe was heading in with the raise of Nazism and anti-Semitism. He manged to persuade 75 prominent Jewish musicians from major European orchestras to immigrate to the British Mandate of Palestine. Herberman is also believed to be responsible for saving 1000 Jewish lives from the Holocaust. The European musicians used to perform in some of the most prestigious venues in Europe had to make a new home for themselves in the desert and the hostile conditions of the Middle East as they formed the Palestinian Orchestra.

In May 1948 everything changed after David Ben Gurion declared Independence and the State of Israel was born the orchestra changed their name to the Israel Philharmonic and even played the new Israeli national anthem the Hatkivah during the ceremony for the birthing of the Jewish State.

The Israel Philharmonic has played a vital role in Israel’s modern history by providing moral during times of conflict but has also become one of the world most prestigious orchestra that shows off the nation’s rich cultural heritage.

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19 Nov 2021

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