What impact has music had on your life

Join Dave and Simone on the Late show as they will be talking about their passion for music and the part it has played in their lives.   

All throughout the Bible we see a love for music.  Whether it be song or musical instrument many people through the Bible expressed their feelings through music.  God loves music, do you?  And whether it be secular music, gospel, hymns, worship or Praise Music has Music had an impact in your life? That’s the question Reverend Dave Hodgson and Simone Harding will be asking tonight.  One the Pastor of a Church the other a worship leader and singer both will be sharing their journey with and through music.  

They will also be joined by Noel Richards who is a Christian Musician.
 When he was eight or nine years old, he became a Christian. He entered into a deeper sense of commitment to God at the age of fifteen, following which he began to look upon John Glass as a role model. John Glass was a young pastor who had just arrived at Richards' church from Bible college. Glass taught Richards to play the guitar, sing and to present himself. Noel has written and recorded many Christian songs. In particular “All heaven declares, by your side, you laid aside your majesty and my lips shall praise”

Join them for this wonderful programme as we share in our love of music in worshipping the Lord and it will be live and interactive for your emails and texts. Perhaps you have a question you’d like to ask Noel or a song to share.

10pm Revelation TV, see you there.

25 Jun 2020

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