What does a REAL Christian Church look like

What does a REAL Christian Church look like? It seems a contradiction in terms to ask such a question. 

In Britain the church is being seen as less and less relevant, as society welcomes secularism. Last week on the Late Show, Howard and Yemi debated whether Christians should be more involved in politics. Is that how to solve the problem? In America, Donald Trump has announced he is running for President again. For many evangelical Christians he is the answer to America’s problems. 

But what does the Bible teach about the role of the Church and individual Christians? 

What does history teach when we examine the lives and impact of men such as Wilberforce, Shaftesbury, William Booth and many others? 

How can things be changed?


Join Gordon Pettie, Tim Vince and Jeremy Park as they discuss and debate the issue live on Revelation TV on Wednesday 23rd November at 9.00 pm. Contributions by email and text welcome during the programme.

22 Nov 2022

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