'We are here for you': Over 1,000 churches sign up to new project to support communities

Over 1,000 churches have now signed up to a project set up to get support to those who need it most during the coronavirus pandemic.

YourNeighbour.org has been created by the Good Faith Foundation and is being supported by a number of church groups.

So far 40 different denominations are represented.

The message of the campaign is that, despite churches across the country being closed, members are relocating outside of church walls to serve.

While churches can sign up to receive resources to help them during the pandemic, a phone line is also launching which will connect callers with a church near them who can support them.

Dom Llewellyn, Director for YourNeighbour.org said: "No-one should be alone during the Covid-19 crisis, and so YourNeighbour.org was created to connect those who need help, with churches nearby them that can help.

"Within a matter of days, churches have restructured their ministries in order to provide food and essentials, caring for the isolated and the lonely, and offering counselling and practical support for those in need. In the last weeks, millions of people across the UK have participated in online church services and more will take part this weekend.

"While our buildings may be closed, the church is now busier than ever. We want to get the word out there."

With demand for foodbanks rising, the needs across communities is said to be huge.

YourNeighbour.org has already taken one call from someone who hadn't eaten for 72 hours.

The phone number is 0300 3239952. More information here.



13 Apr 2020

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