On the corner of Surbiton High Street, is a delightful new Wine Bar. I like nothing better than to go and enjoy the atmosphere in it. Rather than a glass of wine, my choice is coffee. Skinny Latte is my preference.
In the corner they have a small bookcase, and encourage people to swap books. ‘You put one of yours in and can take one that is already there’. A few days ago as I browsed the shelves, I came across Live the Life by Mike Pilavachi. I recognised the name of Mike Pilavachi as the founder of Soul Survivor, the big annual Christian youth event. A section of his book caught my eye.
Worship is the ultimate expression of our relationship with God. Worship is coming home, he wrote. He went on to describe the meaning of the New Testament word for worship as literally to come towards to kiss; to come to that place of tenderness, to touch the heart of God and allow Him to touch our hearts.

I couldn’t help contrasting what Mike Pilavachi was saying about worship with a piece in The Times newspaper about Aylsham Parish Church in Norfolk. There, the Church members are being encouraged to download an app, and each time a hymn or song is sung during a Church service, to use the app to vote as to whether they like it and want it sung again in a future service. Apparently Graham Kendrick’s Shine, Jesus shine is the current favourite.

Hmmm! Somehow finding your phone during a worship time, looking for the app, and pressing buttons on it as you sing, doesn’t allow for worship which is coming to that place of tenderness, to touch the heart of God.
Oh for a return to true worship!

Gordon Pettie
January 2019

08 Jan 2019

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